Levy approved in Aberdeen

ABERDEEN — The plant facility levy for the Aberdeen School District was approved by voters Tuesday. Voters were asked to approve a plant facility levy in the amount of $275,000 per year for five years.
The levy needed a super majority to pass; at least 67 percent of the voters needed to approve the levy.
The final tally was 147 for and 66 against. Sixty-nine percent of the voters approved the levy; 31 percent opposed it.
The vote totals were:
° absentee—9 for; 16 against.
° Springfield precinct 16—40 for; 20 against.
° Aberdeen precinct 15—98 for; 30 against.
Aberdeen superintendent Jane Ward said, "I'm very thankful to the patrons for their support.
"We will make certain the monies spent with be used well," she said.
"It's a sigh of relief," said Ward. "We knew we were asking a lot of our patrons and I knew it. I'm grateful they agreed to help to make our buildings better."