Little Buckaroo Rodeo continues today

Action in the Little Buckaroo Rodeo continues today.

A cowboy breakfast is served from 7-10 a.m. in the Firth City Park. The “Cowboys and Indians” Parade begins at Firth High School and ends at the Firth City Park. The Community Orchestra, ice cream, soda, two free bounce houses and vendors await all comers in the park.

The Little Buckaroo Rodeo round two begins at 7 p.m. tonight.

This is the largest number of buckaroos—385—registered for the rodeo, said Registrar Dixie Finck.

For the first time in years, both sections of calf riding are full, she said. That’s 24 calf riders each evening.

There are 95 sheep riders and 87 stick horse riders registered this year.

Christeen and Brandon James supplied the barrel horse. Jonathan Jensen from Firth supplied the sheep. Pratt Livestock from Firth supplied the calves.

“We encourage people to register early,” said Finck. “As soon as this rodeo is over, people will be able to find us on Facebook at Little Buckaroo Rodeo.”