Little Buckaroos show plenty of pluck

FIRTH – The Little Buckaroo had a record number of entrants this year—359.
Friday night featured glorious weather. Sheep riders and calf riders had difficulty staying aboard.
Ribbon tie contestant Brianne Bingham was so excited when she saw the calf riding. Her mother assured her she needed to grow a little bit so she could ride a sheep before taking on a calf.
Saturday morning featured breakfast, the parade and a community get-together at the Firth City Park. The Community Orchestra at Firth, under the direction of Angela Carlson, performed as people milled around, enjoying the sunshine and each other.
Saturday night brought a quick but very wet rainstorm. There was a bit of an exodus when the rainstorm came through, however, many returned with coats and blankets to finish the rodeo.
The little buckaroos showed their pluck by performing in less than ideal circumstances.
“If [the Little Buckaroo Rodeo] keeps growing like this, we will need more help,” said Little Buckaroo parade chairwoman, Kristine Edwards.
Glen Cederberg was the Grand Marshall of the parade.