Local residents respond to 'opening'

BLACKFOOT—With the federal government open for business after a 16-day shutdown, we asked our Facebook friends' opinion regarding the situation.
We asked: The first government "shutdown", in nearly 20 years, is now "over." What are your thoughts and feelings about this?"
"We have no leadership in this nation. The debt ceiling being raised will only add to the problems. Obama says we got to get the trust of the people again. Too late for that," said Arlen Arlen Arlen.
"Sounds like we will do it all again in January anyway. This is what happens when you operate without a budget, no direction, and no goals - and so we end up nowhere," said Rocky Hansen.
"I like what Ti Hawkins said about it, "Finally, this big government shutdown business is over so we can get back to the big government letdown"," said Christi N Josh Sykes.
"It's not "over"," said Lorraine Thomas Merrell.
"Relief for the moment… fear we'll be going through the same thing in January," said Susan Bench.
"We the people of the great state of Idaho need to remember that Labrador, Risch and Crapo voted to default. Beyond all reason only Mike Simpson was intelligent enough to understand this insanity had to stop. Idaho is a red state, I hope our population is smart enough to go purple," said Cole Johnson.
"It didn't need to happen. They have to have a budget EVERY October. They act like it was a surprise," said Terri Hopkins Neu.
"There would not have been a default. The tax revenue coming into the treasury every month is more than enough to pay the bills. When the government is borrowing 54 cents of every dollar they spend from foreign countries, something is seriously wrong with the mindset in D.C. If I run out of money before all my bills are paid, I can't continue to spend without some type of ramification. Wish to hell D.C. could get their act together, be more fiscally responsible - but with the current crop of spineless idiots; I don't see that happening anytime soon," said Robert Jensen.
"It bothers me how Obama blames only the Republicans for the budget problems. He called it an unnecessary scare tactic that hurt our economy needlessly. Do you realize that in less than four months the government will spend another trillion? This level of spending cannot continue. It's too bad the Republicans weren't more unified, to force through some real cuts," said Brian Esplin.
"It was no more than a circus show by both sides to intimidate us and to try to make us believe that we can't live without big bloated government," said Kelly Schild.