Local Scout troop retires several flags

BLACKFOOT — Members of Boy Scout Troop 202 in Blackfoot took part in a flag retirement ceremony Tuesday evening.
Michael Prudhomme headed this project to complete his Eagle Scout project.
"When flags are no longer in any condition to be displayed, a flag retirement ceremony is conducted," Prudhomme said.
Prudhomme explained the design of the flag.
The blue field, called the union, displays the night sky with new stars in its constellation, he said. There are seven red stripes that stand for courage and the blood of the men and women who established the union. The six white stripes designate the purity and high moral resolve of our country's citizens.
Prudhomme collected 17 U.S. flags that needed to be retired. The flags came from the BLM and from members of the LDS Fifth Ward in Blackfoot.
The largest flag was flown on the top of a crane at the BLM headquarters in Pocatello.
When retiring a flag of this size, each stripe is cut off, Prudhomme said. The name of one of the original 13 colonies is recited as the stripe is retired.
"The union (the field) is blue is never cut," Prudhomme said, "so the union will never be divided."
Smaller flags are unfolded, then properly refolded and retired in one piece.
Members of Boy Scout Troop 202 assisted Prudhomme.
Those Scouts were Justin Bott, Jonathan Cleaveland, Brady Burkman and Cooper Hepworth. The troop leaders are Jared Lyon, Joe Williams and Ralph Shoaf.