Local snowmobiler is a YouTube hit

Blackfoot snowmobiler Kyle Pratt is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie. So, when he narrowly escaped riding off a cliff in Wyoming last month it was the adventure of a lifetime –– and he's got video to prove it.
Pratt, who was wearing Liquid Image video goggles, was riding ahead of his group in unfamiliar territory. The terrain was steep and he was riding through trees when he suddenly found himself on the edge of a cliff. Pratt's video shows the snow break away beneath the sled and documents the moment that could have ended different.
"I was breathing pretty hard," says Pratt of that moment. "But, at the same time it was pretty amazing! I didn't want to leave my machine, so I slowly hopped off and pulled it back to me to safe snow."
Pratt took a moment to take in the view before realizing his buddies were close behind and he needed to stop them from riding into a similar situation.
"My biggest concern was shutting them down," said Pratt. "I was able to get them stopped in time."
Pratt says that telling the guys his story sounded a lot like a fish tale.
"You really have to see the video to believe it," he said. "They didn't know the extent of it until later when they watched it."
On Jan. 31 Pratt uploaded his first video ever to YouTube. As of Friday, his video had nearly 1.3 million views. The vice president of Liquid Image Company contacted him and sent him a complimentary pair of the most updated Liquid Image Video Goggles. His video has also played on ABCnews.com.
Pratt's wife Lindsey says she won't even try to stop her husband from riding because "he's just too obsessed".
"He's not really going to listen because there is just too much passion there," she said. "So, I'll beg him to be careful and make him check in often so I don't have to worry as much."
Pratt shrugs his shoulders and adds "what can I say? I need my adrenaline injection."
Pratt will take the rest of the month off his sled while he and Lindsey await the birth of their second child at the end of this month. Plus, his sled needs to be fixed –– he crashed into a tree last week.
Find a link to Pratt's YouTube video on our website at www.am-news.com. You can also subscribe to Pratt's new YouTube channel skirulefool and follow his adventures.