Local teacher has a flair for the dramatic

BLACKFOOT – Sharon Hoge has taught in the Blackfoot School District her entire teaching career. Presently, she teaches drama at the Mountain View Middle School (MVMS).
Hoge has also taught first grade and fourth. She taught fifth grade for 10 years at Stoddard Elementary School before joining the staff at MVMS.
“I was hired at MVMS as the Gifted and Talented Coordinator,” Hoge said. “About the same time, the drama teacher at the school quit.
“I walked into the administrator’s office and said, ‘I want the drama position,’” she said. “So, three weeks before the school year started, I was named the drama teacher.
“There was no curriculum [for drama], so I developed it as I went along,” Hoge said.
Hoge teaches beginning drama. Second year drama is called Mountain View Players.
“The scripts I looked at always seemed to have one star and everyone else played rocks or trees,” she said. “That’s why I started the kids writing their own plays.”
They come up with the plot, setting and characters, Hoge said.
“They study a huge section on character development,” she said.
The students write their own show each semester, Hoge said.
“Then I take their plots home to work putting them together,” she said.
Last January, MVMS students wrote and performed in “The Ghosts of Masterson Manor.”
As well as teaching, Hoge also works in Community Theater. She has directed plays at the Nuart Theatre in Blackfoot and is the driving force behind the “Grandstand of Terror.”
“The Nuart is where I met all these engineers who have helped design the set for Aladdin,” she said.
Hoge’s lastest project is “Aladdin Junior.” Blackfoot High School students make up the cast and crew.
“I like getting as many high school students involved as possible,” Hoge said.
“Aladdin Junior” opens this Friday. All shows start at 7 p.m. in the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center. Play dates are April 15 through April 22, but there are no performances on Sunday and Wednesday. The cost is $7 per ticket.
“The whole cast [of Aladdin] is dedicated and very busy,” Hoge said.
Hoge grew up in Blackfoot. Both she and her husband, John, graduated from Blackfoot High School (BHS).
“In high school, he was a senior; I was a sophomore,” Hoge said. “We didn’t know each other.”
After completing their college degrees, the couple met “at home” in Blackfoot during the summer.
Hoge earned an associate’s degree from Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho), and a B.A. in elementary education (K-8) from Utah State University. She has almost completed her master’s degree from BYU-Provo.
Her husband earned a B.S. in microbiology, completed two years in chemical engineering, then completed his doctorate of pharmacology from Idaho State University.
He is the pharmacist at Ridley’s in Blackfoot.
“We are ridiculously educated,” Hoge said.
John and Sharon have five adult children and eight grandchildren.