Local women celebrates 100th birthday

Annie Prouse reaches the century mark today.
She has seen plenty of changes in her 100 years.
“I never thought I would ever live this long,” Prouse said.
Her advice for longevity is “behave yourself.”
Born in 1912 in Salt Lake City, she was the youngest of her 14 siblings.
“I didn’t know my older siblings so well,” she said. “They were out of the house mostly when I was growing up.”
Her parents were Albert and Lottie Sharp.
The family moved up to the Blackfoot area when she was little. They lived near Grave Creek.
“We would move to the hills during the summer,” Prouse said.
She remembers helping shuck grain during the harvest.
“They would bring the thresher right out to the place,” she said. “It took six strong men to work the thresher.
“Some summers we would go to school at Grave Creek,” Prouse said. “Other times, when we moved back to Rose, we went to school during the winter.”
Prouse was taught in a one-room school.
“The classroom was divided into grades,” she said. “We each had our turn with the teacher.”
The schoolhouse was a log cabin until the church house was built.
“We used the church house for everything,” Prouse said.
They didn’t have indoor plumbing or phone in the house where she grew up.
“There was a dam on the Blackfoot River,” she said. A man who worked for the government at the dam had a phone.
“If we needed to make a phone call, we would go up to the dam and ask him to make a call for us.”
The common mode of transportation was horse and buggy.
“We would ride the big work horses sometimes; other times, we would ride in the wagon,” Prouse said.
She was 18 years old when she married Glen Prouse.
“My mother was 15 when she got married,” she said.
They raised three sons—Kenneth, Gordon and Allen and cattle.  
“My husband went on trail drives sometimes but I never went with him,” she said.
Prouse loved to garden and loved being outdoors, although she is afraid of thunder and lighting. (Who isn’t?)
Her favorite color is blue. Her favorite flower is blue bells. Her favorite animal is a horse. She loves coffee, chocolate and Jell-o.
Today Annie is a resident at the Willows Assisted Living in Blackfoot. She will be celebrating her 100th birthday at 1:30 p.m.. Friends and family of Annie are encouraged to come and wish her a Happy Birthday.