Loomis wins mayoral runoff election

Paul Loomis was elected mayor of Blackfoot on Tuesday. The final tally was Loomis 923; Dan Cravens 502.
In the Nov. 5 election that set up this runoff election, voting tallies were Loomis 667; Cravens 452.
The total number of people who voted in this runoff election was 1,425. The total number of electors in the November election was 1,708. There were six candidates seeking the mayoral position in November.
The final voting tallies for this runoff election were posted in the Bingham County Clerk's election office 16 minutes after the polls closed.
"I was kind of in shock that the final results came out so quickly," said Loomis. "Last time it took awhile to know the results.
"I'm thankful that the people of Blackfoot have put their trust in me," said Loomis.
"I congratulate Paul on his victory," said Cravens. "I wish him well as mayor."