Ly's Nail Salon raises money for students at Ridge Crest

BLACKFOOT — Collecting a dollar at a time, Ly Young at Ly's Nail Salon and her customers raised money to buy winter coats for students at Ridge Crest Elementary in Blackfoot.
"We live right behind the school," Young said. "Some kids couldn't come outside the school to play because they didn't have a winter coat."
That's when she decided to sponsor this fund raiser.
Young asked her patrons if they would contribute $1 toward purchasing coats for Ridge Crest students. The fund raiser started the week before Christmas and concluded Thursday.
Contributions totaled over $300. Ly's Nail Salon contributed money to make it an even $500.
Young's friend, Cindy Reese, is going to help her purchase the coats for the students.
If clients contributed $1, their name was entered for a chance to win products supplied by Ly's Nail Salon. Winners are:
° Linda Smith received a full set of nails.
° Sally Nelson and Ebon Vega each received a pedicure.
° Leighann received a manicure and pedicure.
° Wendy received an eye lash extension refill.
Ly's Nail Salon is located at 1010 W. Bridge, Suite K, in Blackfoot. It is across from Les Schwab.