Make-A-Wish grants girl's wish

BLACKFOOT — Mckenzie Barbre is getting an extra-special gift for her seventh birthday—she is going to Disney World with her family courtesy of the Make-a-Wish Foundation.
Mckenzie was diagnosed one year ago with rhabdomyosarcoma, a type of cancer that develops in soft tissue. Mckenzie developed a tumor on the muscle of her eye.
She underwent six months of chemotherapy and one month of radiation at Primary Children's Medical Center and the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City. It was then, when she was staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Salt Lake City, that she heard about Make-a-Wish and Disney World.
"I haven't been there before and there's lots of rides," Mckenzie said.
Mckenzie—who turns seven Friday—and her family will be going to Disney World this week. She will be joined by her mother Brandie Reynolds, brothers Jordan, 11, Riley, 8, baby sister Alyssa and family friend Steve Fowler.
Brandie was pregnant with Alyssa when Mckenzie was diagnosed, and said Mckenzie was strong during her treatment and was supportive of her during her pregnancy. She said she had two wishes—to go to Disney World and to have a little sister.
"She never ever, ever complains," Brandie said.
Mckenzie's last test came back clear and the cancer has not returned. She must return for additional tests every three months.
Mckenzie attends Stalker Elementary and will be in the second grade next year. She said she enjoys hanging out with friends—her best friend is cousin Ashley Penoyer—and riding her bike. In addition to Disney World, Mckenzie said she also wants to have a water fight for her birthday.