Math-a-thon adds up for Ridge Crest

BLACKFOOT — School fundraisers are now more important than ever. With deep budget cuts schools are reliant on the extra funds generated through fundraisers to help fill in the gaps.
While some schools are sticking with the tried and true -- others are venturing into new territory, hoping the risk will pay off. Ridge Crest Elementary is one school that decided to try something new this year and its switch from a catalog order to a math-a-thon equalled big success.
Ridge Crest Parent Teacher Association (PTA) President Lisa Turner said the kids were really excited and felt personally invested in the new fundraiser which brought in over $10,000.
"I admit I was nervous," said Ridge Crest Principal Colin Folsom. "This was something totally different for us. I think it's important to be able to offer some things that make school fun for the kids, and to do that we need the money that comes from a fundraiser. This year we are able to keep such a high percentage of the profit and I really appreciate all the time our PTA spent to make this a success."
"I am really amazed at how people stepped up to help the school," said Folsam.
PTA fundraising chairman Mindy Polatis said she learned about the success Stalker Elementary had with its Math-a-thon and was excited to replicate its success.
"We really appreciate the help that Jill Bigler from Stalker's PTA gave us," said Polatis. "I think as schools share what works we can all have even more success."
"We had over 200 students participate and we didn't have to seek donations from businesses," said Turner. "Everybody brought in a little bit and it just added up."
Ridge Crest plans to use the money to buy several new computers, fund the Accelerated Reading Carnival, send the students to a play at the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center and provide field trips to be determined by grade level.