Mayors' scholarships announced

The Bingham County Mayors Scholarship Committee met last week to pick the high school seniors to receive the 2018 scholarship awards.
Catie Clark

The recipients of the Bingham County Mayors Scholarships were announced on April 11. Members of the scholarship committee met last week on April 5 to pick the students for the 2018 awards. The committee received applications from 87 college-bound high school seniors. Students getting awards were picked by the contributing sponsors or by the committee members.
A total of $26,000 will be given out to 40 successful applicants. The scholarship winners all reside in Bingham County. They attend several different schools including Aberdeen, Blackfoot, Firth, Shelley, Sho-Ban, and Snake River High Schools and the Idaho Virtual Academy.
All support for the scholarship fund comes from public donations and from non-profit and corporate sponsors. This year's sponsors were: the Blackfoot/Bingham County Youth Coalition (BBCYC), the Huntsman Foundation, the Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU), Bingham Memorial Hospital (BMH), the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), Agri-Service, Blackfoot Anesthesia Services, the Country Kitchen of Aberdeen, Cox's Honey, and Premier Technology.
The scholarships will be used for post-secondary education. The program helps eliminate barriers to a college education by providing financial assistance.
"These kids work really hard and they deserve the recognition and all the help we can give them," said Vince Larson, Mayor of Firth. "It was an honor to be a part of this process and be able to give these students help with their education and their goals in life."
Both Mayor Larson and Mayor Marc Carroll of Blackfoot participated at the committee meeting. Other cities sent representatives including a councilman from Shelley, the City Clerk from Aberdeen and Randy'L Teton for the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes.
"It was amazing to go through that whole thing," Carroll said of the scholarship selection process. "It was quite the rewarding experience. Executive director Paul Loomis kept us on track during the committee meeting; but Elisa Oats who works at City Hall in Blackfoot really deserves a lot of credit. We would still have a scholarship program without her, but she baked the cake and was the frosting, saw that things stayed organized and kept the whole selection process functional."
The students will receive recognition for their scholarship awards at the Bingham County Mayors Scholarship Awards Gala. This year's event will be hosted by the City of First and will be held at 6:30 p.m. on May 3 at Firth High School. The funds will be sent directly to the post-secondary institutions attended by the recipients.
"The youth of Bingham County are amazing," said former Blackfoot Mayor Paul Loomis, who is also the executive director of the scholarship fund. "They have worked hard and prepared for success. I am honored to be a part of this scholarship effort and encouraged by the students who applied. They have it in them to successfully compete with anyone anywhere in the world – I've been all of the world during my career and I think I can say that knowingly."
"None of this would happen without the generosity of our public and corporate sponsors," Loomis added. "They show their faith in the youth of Bingham County through their support and donations."

Bingham County Mayors Scholarship Recipients by school, followed by the sponsor of each student's scholarship.

Aberdeen High School

Kylee Gugelman (Country Kitchen)
Leonor Serna (Country Kitchen)

Blackfoot High School

Rochelle Hardiman (Blackfoot Anesthesia)
Abby Hurst (City of Blackfoot)
Lorenzo Lora (Blackfoot Anesthesia)
Hailey Pearson (Huntsman Foundation)
Sabrina Satterthwaite (Premier Technology)
Zachary Smith (INL)
Kaitlyn VanOrden (Idaho Central CU)

Firth High School

Dallin Felsted (City of Firth)
Kyle Fielding (Huntsman Foundation)
Cambria Gee (Huntsman Foundation)
Spencer Killpack (Bingham Memorial)
Monica Oliva-Sifuentes (City of Firth)
Alexis Whitehead (Idaho Central CU)

Shoshone-Bannock High School

Elayna Bear (Sho-Ban Tribes)
Kirae Gonzalez (Sho-Ban Tribes)
Sincere Martin-Teton (Huntsman Foundation)

Idaho Virtual Academy

Mckinley Hammond (Idaho Central CU)

Shelley High School

Tayson Behunin (Huntsman Foundation)
Zachary Cook (INL)
Katelyn Elizondo (Huntsman Foundation)
Ashlyn Hobbs (Bingham Memorial)
Grayden Jardine (City of Shelley)
Nicholas Jaynes (Idaho Central CU)
Ashley Johnson (Cox’s Honey)
Kameron Larkin (Cox’s Honey)
Emily Turpin (Bingham Memorial)

Snake River High School

Lexi Baron (Bingham Memorial)
Gabriel Becerra (Premier Technology)
Sierra Benson (BBCYC)
Joselynn Castillo (Huntsman Foundation)
Joseph Hammond (Huntsman Foundation)
Camille Hansen (Huntsman Foundation)
Kelsey Higginson (Bingham Memorial)
Latimer High (Huntsman Foundation)
Matthew Kelly (Idaho Central CU)
Makoy Kofford (Agri-Service)
Mykelle Morgan (Agri-Service)
Paige Williams (INL)