Mediation tried in attempted murder case

BLACKFOOT — The trial of Lawrence James Crow, age 24, is set for Tuesday, Jan. 24, when Crow will face two felony counts. Count one is attempted murder and count two is domestic battery inflicting traumatic injury.
A motion on this case was for Friday. Instead, a five-hour criminal mediation took place under the direction of Sixth District Judge Robert Naftz from Pocatello.
Crow was arrested on July 22 when the Bingham County Sheriff's Office and Blackfoot Police Department responded to a residence in the Groveland area for a shots fired call. Upon arrival, officers learned of a gunshot victim with a wound to the lower left arm. The alleged victim was transported to Bingham Memorial Hospital.
In an attempt to resolve some of the issues in this case, Bingham County Prosecuting Attorney Scott Andrew and Defense Attorney John Souza met separately with Judge Naftz to give the judge their perspective of this case.
"Sometimes it's good to have a third brain view the situation," said Andrew.
"Mediation is a defense-sided thing," Andrew said. "It is non-binding on each party."
Each side has the option to vacate the recommendation(s) of mediation, said Andrew.
In Crow's case, both sides are taking a break until next week to discuss things that came up in mediation.
Criminal mediation is relatively new to Idaho, although mediation of civil cases has been very effective, Andrew said. Civil mediation has cut down on trials and the expense of litigation.
Idaho Criminal Rule 18.1, that addresses criminal mediation. was adopted March 18, 2011, and became effective July 1, 2011.
"Not all cases can be solved through mediation," Andrew said. "Mediation is case specific upon the recommendation of lawyers involved in each case."