Medical students teach kids about germs

Medical students in rotations at Bingham Memorial Hospital visited a classroom at Stoddard Elementary Wednesday to teach the students about germs.
The medical students, from Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, visited Megan Leiseth's second grade classroom. They left with swabs from the drinking fountain, computers, white board markers, the chinchilla cage and Principal Ryan Wilson's mouth.
They will grow the germs in petri dishes over the next two days, returning Friday to share their results with the students.
Medical students Nicholas Baldwin and Travis Moulton also shared some germ-fighting techniques with the kids including proper hand-washing and the best way to cough and sneeze without spreading germs.
To demonstrate how germs are spread, five students placed their hands in "germs," or purple glitter, then gave everyone else in the room a high-five. All the students ended up with the "germs" on their hands.
Wilson said the school is always willing to work with professionals in the community who want to share their knowledge, and that it is always fun for the students to interact and learn from guest speakers.