Men walk a mile in her shoes

The sun shone brightly for the second annual "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" event hosted by the Bingham Crisis Center (BCC) on Saturday. For the event men donned fashionable footwear from chunky heels, stilettos, pink flip flops with flowers and stylish boots with a 3 inch tapered heel, and wore them for a mile walk around Blackfoot.
The walk is directed toward raising men's awareness about speaking out to others to end domestic and sexual abuse.
Bryce Moser, a board member from BCC, said, "we can walk 10 miles in these shoes and it won't make a difference until we speak up and do something." The walk is held annually and the board members anticipate more involvement next year by setting up a good-natured rivalry between Blackfoot High School and Snake River and also between the Blackfoot Fire Department and Blackfoot Police Department. Donations to BCC are accepted year round.