Mento fountains a hit at 4-H Day Camp

Science Fun was on display at the 4-H Day Camp Monday afternoon.
Students used materials found in almost any kitchen to do experiments.
Ingredients included vinegar, baking soda, food coloring, Ziploc bags, Dawn dishwashing detergent, Mentos, pop rocks and Diet Cola.
Explaining why a Mentos fountain works, 4-H Coordinator Debbie White said, "Mentos is a mint candy with a hard shell with small holes in it," she said. "Carbon dioxide is in the soda.
"The carbon dioxide sticks to the Mentos candy; the carbon dioxide builds up and then explodes, White said.
"The reason diet soda is used is because it is sugar free," White said. "Should you get any on you, it won't attract insects because it has no sugar and isn't as sticky as regular pop."
There were two Mentos fountains. They both performed beautifully.
The Mentos fountains were the students' favorite experiment.
Citlati Soldana, age 11, explained the experiment of food coloring in milk.
"You put some food coloring in milk," Citlati said. "They don't mix.
"Then use a cotton swab that has some Dawn dish soap on it.
"Put the cotton swab in the middle of one of the colors and the color goes out of the middle," Citlati said. "That's because there is a chemical reaction between the fat in the milk and the soap."
The dates for other 4-H Day Camps are scattered through June, July and August. Some classes are already filled up.
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