Mill Creek Metals to run transfer station

BLACKFOOT — Mill Creek Metals now has a signed five-year contract with Bingham County for operating the county's transfer station. Bingham County commissioners and Mill Creek Metals representatives signed the contract Monday.
Mill Creek Metals has agreed to run the transfer station for five years at a cost of $6.25 per ton.
Part of the contract states Mill Creek Metals can take plastic, cardboard and metals out of the waste stream and recycle them.
"The recycling efforts have lowered the volume (and the cost to the county) of transporting and delivering solid waste to the landfill," said Bingham County Commission chair Cleone Jolley.
This is the first time the county decided to seek three contracts to handle solid waste. One contract was for the landfill; one for the transfer station and one for transportation. The company with the lowest bid was offered a five-year contract.
Bannock County Landfill was selected with a low tipping fee of $28 per ton. Mill Creek Metals was awarded the bid to run the transfer station.
The contract to transport solid waste from the transfer station to Bannock County Landfill has proven elusive.
Commissioners signed a "hold harmless clause" with Ashfork Sanitation and Eagle Rock Sanitation Monday. These companies had submitted bids to transport the solid waste.
Ashfork Sanitation had the lowest bid at $7.60 per ton but decided it would not be able to sustain a five-year contract at that price.
Eagle Rock Sanitation was the second lowest bidder for transportation with a bid of $8.89 per ton. This company also sought a "hold harmless clause" to let it out of its bid.
Superior Transportation, Inc., offered the next lowest bid of $9.50 per ton. Bingham County commissioners have offered Superior Transportation a five-year contract to move solid waste.
If needed, the last company to submit a bid for the transportation contract was Mill Creek Metals whose bid was $10 per ton.
"We've never done it this way before," said Richard Monson, Assistant Public Works Director for Bingham County. "Always before, the company that ran the transfer station also transported the solid waste to the landfill."
The cost of handling solid waste for the county will go down with long-term contracts, said David Babbitt, Bingham County Public Works director.