Missing family found

A Blackfoot woman and two of her children are safe after officers from Fort Hall Fish and Game found them inside a cabin on the reservation Tuesday.
On Monday the Bingham County Sheriff's office was notified that Sarah Hjelm and two of her children were missing.
At that time, an attempt to locate was issued for the vehicle that Hjelm was driving.
Through the investigation, officers learned that no one had heard from her or the children since Sunday around 12:30 p.m.
Deputies from the Bingham County Sheriff's office as well as the Fort Hall Tribal Police began looking for Hjelm and the two children. The area off Lincoln Creek was the focus of the search.
This information was gathered by using a cell phone ping.
Deputies from Bingham County and the Fort Hall Tribal Police continued the search on Tuesday morning. A helicopter was also dispatched from Utah Helicopters to assist in the search.
Around 12:30 p.m., Fort Hall Police contacted Bingham County dispatch and advised that the woman and her children had been located. They were cold but O.K..
Fort Hall Fish and Game brought the three people to the end of the pavement off Rich Lane where they were met by the Blackfoot ambulance.
The ambulance personnel advised that no medical attention was needed and gave the three a ride to Bingham Memorial Hospital where they were greeted by excited family members.
According to Hjelm, she had problems with the front wheel on her vehicle and became stuck in the snow. She attempted to get the vehicle unstuck and then it became dark on Sunday night.
On Monday, Hjelm tried to get the vehicle unstuck again and then the snowstorm hit.
They waited out the storm and then started to walk out Tuesday morning, she said. They were cold and found a cabin. They started a fire inside the cabin where Fish and Game personnel found them.