More questions for D55 trustees

The case of documents signed by trustees of the Blackfoot School District and former superintendent Scott Crane begs the question, of course, what's next?
According to Idaho Code 67-2347 (1), "If an action …occurs at any meeting which fails to comply with the provisions of sections 67-2340 through 67-2346, Idaho Code, such action shall be null and void."
On Monday, the district admitted to violating the Idaho Open Meetings Law.
Interim Superintendent Chad Struhs said the board does realize the contract is now void. The trustees are working on deciding what to do, he said.
Among the questions the board must answer:
Does this mean that the district will not pay the $105,000-plus it was scheduled to pay Crane on July 1, 2013? Does it mean that Crane must repay the $105-plus he has already received?
Dale Storer, the district's attorney, is also a former Idaho Falls city attorney.
Storer said he drafted Crane's separation agreement with the district at the school board's request.
The Blackfoot School District's next scheduled board meeting is on Thursday, Dec. 20.