Moreland Grain & Seed has biggest bin in Idaho

MORELAND — Moreland Grain & Seed Company elevator hosted a luncheon to celebrate the completion of the largest single steel grain bin in the state of Idaho.
It stands 70 feet high at the eves and 105 feet at the peak. Its diameter measures 105 feet. By comparison, a basketball court is 96 feet long.
The concrete floor was put in first and then the roof was built, said Ken Morgan, the company's grain merchandizer. The roof was jacked up as each layer of steel was added. The number of steel sheets that were used on this project totaled 914.
Beginning in March, it took about three months for the Halverson Companyof Utah to build the structure.
The storage capacity of this bin totals 600,000 bushels of wheat, Morgan said. "If you figure a semi transports about 1,000 bushels of grain, this bin will hold 600 semi loads of grain."
The bin will be used when harvest starts, probably around the first of August, he said.
"[Moreland Grain] buys grain from farmers and sells it to flour mills," Morgan said.
The company trades in soft white wheat, which used for crackers, pretzels, flat breads (like tortillas) and pastries.
Approximately 15 million of bushels of soft white wheat are raised in this area, Morgan said.
"We handle about 3 million bushels (about one-fifth of the crop)," Morgan said.
The storage capacity at Moreland Grain totals 1.8 million bushels. There are 30 commercial wheat bins and 10 seed bins.
"We built the bin because we needed more storage room," said assistant manager Ron Ellis.
Four large fans in the bin are used to cool the grain, Ellis said.
A sweep auger will be used to push the grain onto an underground conveyor belt. The conveyor belt takes the grain to the elevator leg where it can be placed in another grain bin or loaded unto trucks and/or railroad cars.
The Union Pacific spur line runs along the north side of the grain bins. Sixteen cars are on the spur line.
Ellis said, "We hope to extend the length of the spur line to be able to have 25 cars."
The grain elevator also sells wheat seed and, if requested, delivers it.
Moreland Grain is located at 131 N. 740 W., in Moreland.