Mountain View Middle School Students Excel

Mountain View Middle School students Grace Mecham, BelleTanner, Maylee Eppich, and Jacob Pettinger stand in front of their completed exhibits for the  regional-level contest of the National History Day competition.Mountain View Middle School students Dylan Peterson and Blake Johnson work on their group exhibit for the regional-level contest of the National History Day competition.
Catie Clark

Mountain View Middle School students have excelled in two different endeavors this winter that have placed them with the best in the state. Fifteen placed high enough in the Eastern Idaho Regional level of the National History Day competition to advance to the state contest in April, to be held at the College of Idaho in Caldwell. In addition, the girls basketball team had an undefeated season and won the middle school Upper Snake River Conference Title.
The National History Day competition starts in February every year with local and regional contests and ends in June at the national finals. This year, Mountain View Middle school sent 30 students under History teacher Vicki Chase to the regional contest. It was held last Friday, March 2, at the Rocky Mountain Middle School in Ammon. They competed against other eastern Idaho students from Rocky Mountain, Sandcreek, Taylorview, Eagle Rock, and Madison Middle Schools, plus the Blackfoot Heritage Sixth Grade School.
"Mrs. Chase, is a phenomenal teacher," Principal Wes Jensen said, "who works very hard in getting her students excited and prepared to compete in the History Day Competitions."
National History Day has a different theme every year. This year is was Conflict and Compromise in history. Students could choose to work as individuals or in groups, and had a choice of presenting their results as papers, websites, documentaries, performances, or exhibits. Mountain View's students started working on their projects at the beginning of the school year.
The competition encourages students to do their own primary research if they can. For example, Lindsey Cooper, visited the Minidoka Internment Camp site to gain a deeper understanding of the Japanese internments of WWII; and Jonathan Blake interviewed Lois Gibbs, the main activist against the US government in the Love Canal crisis.
These are the students from Mountain View who won awards at the Regional History Day:
• Sydney Lance - 1st Place Individual Documentary
• Azia Martinez - 1st Place Individual Exhibit
• Lexy Parsons -1st Place Individual Exhibit
• Maylee Eppich - 1st Place Individual Exhibit
• Andrea Hammond - 1st Place Individual Website
• Graciella Padilla -  1st Place Individual Website
• Kaydee Tyson and Katia Colombo - 2nd Place Group Exhibit
• Brock Andrews and Hayden Case - 2nd Place Group Website
• Lindsey Cooper - 2nd Place Individual Documentary
• Elliott Werhle - 2nd Place Individual Exhibit
• Jacob Pettinger - 2nd Place Individual Exhibit
• Lacy Hong - 2nd Place Individual Exhibit
• Taryn Leavitt - 2nd Place Individual Website
• Grace Mecham - 3rd Place Individual Exhibit
• Tania Ortiz - 3rd Place Individual Performance
• Annie Satterthwaite - 3rd Place Individual Website
• Chris Hammond - Conflict 3rd Place Individual Website
• Jonathan Blake- 4th Place Individual Website
• Avian Martinez, Dylan Peterson, and Blake Johnson - 4th Place Group Exhibit
The following students have qualified for the state-level contest: Sydney Lance, Azia Martinez, Lexy Parsons, Maylee Eppich, Andrea Hammond, Graciella Padilla, Tyson King, Katia Colombo, Brock Andrews, Hayden Case, Lindsay Cooper, Elliott Werhle, Jacob Pettinger, Lacy Hong, Taryn Leavitt,  and Jonathon Blake.
The first and second place winners will now advance to the state-level competition in April.
In addition to National History Day success, the girls basketball team finished their season undefeated at 14-0. They won the Upper Snake River Conference Title for middle schools for the second year in a row.
"They had a lot of fun," Jensen said about the basketball team. "They wanted to win so bad two years in row so they went for it and they got it."