Movie filmed at Blackfoot Swimming Pool

Director Michael Maxxis of the film 'Puppy Love' reviews one scene with the actors on Monday afternoon at the Blackfoot Swimming Pool. Actor Hopper Penn is one of the stars of the film.Madi Diaz, an extra in the film, 'Puppy Love,' is photographed with Hopper Penn, one of the stars of the film. Penn is the son of actor Sean Penn.
Staff Writer

For the past two days, the Blackfoot Swimming Pool is the film location for the film, "Puppy Love," that is scheduled to be released in 2018.
"It's been exciting; it's so cool and really fun being part of this," Blackfoot swimming instructor Kathy Fisher said. "They are all amazingly nice. After the decision was made to use the Blackfoot Pool, the director had all the actors and the film crew here in just 10 days."
"Most of the extras are kids who take swimming lessons or who are around the pool," Fisher said.
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