Multiple generations enjoy Three Dog Night concert

"Joy to the world...all the boys girls now. Joy to the fishies in the deep blue to you and me." It was the classic rock tune that everyone, young and old, seemed to know the words to as multiple generations of fans converged upon the grandstand for the Three Dog Night concert at the Eastern Idaho State Fair Thursday night.
The Grammy-nominated band enjoyed its musical heyday in the early to mid-seventies with many top ten hits such as Shambala, Mama Told Me Not To Come, Black and White, Never Been To Spain, One Is The Loneliest Number, Celebrate and, of course, the perennial crowd favorite - Joy To The World, otherwise known as "Jerimiah Was A Bullfrog." Three Dog Night continues to entertain classic rock fans while reaching new audiences with over 33 shows booked this year at fairs, casinos and other events across the nation.
With four out six of the musicians being original band members (together 43 years), some kidded that they should change their name to the "Old Dogs." The band members even poked fun of themselves at the concert saying "We've been on a lot of charts, rock charts, pop charts...and now we're on medical charts!"
However, the veteran rockers didn't disappoint on the Blackfoot stage and those who attended the concert considered themselves 'lucky dogs' to have seen this classic rock band and to enjoy a good old fashioned rock and roll concert "Out In The Country" (another Three Dog Night hit performed at the concert).
Dan and Becky Swallow, both in their early 50s, came from Pocatello for the concert saying they have been looking forward to the concert ever since fair officials announced the entertainers earlier this summer. Both said they attended the Three Dog Night concert at the Mini Dome in Pocatello in 1974, but not as a couple.
"They [the band members] may be 'old dogs,' but we are too, and all of us still love rock and roll," Dan joked as he sang a few lines of his favorite Three Dog Night song, "Jeremiah was a bullfrog...was a good friend of mine..."
Social media websites have helped renew interest in classic rock tunes as young music lovers (mostly of the millennial generation, age 28 and younger ) weed through iTune and other online music lists in search of the classic hits that their parents grew up with.
Alec Marotz, 14, a student at the Blackfoot Charter School, came to the concert with his family. When he was asked if he knew any of the songs, he replied with an adamant "Yes!" Marotz said his favorite Three Dog Night song is "Joy To The World," and impressively, he seemed to know the words to quite a few other songs too. "Our kids are have figured out that we [our generation] had the best music," Dan said. "This music will never go out of style."