Munger claims Firth DYW crown

FIRTH — The six Distinguished Young Woman candidates at Firth took the stage with beauty and grace on Saturday evening.
Ashli Munger claimed the 2012 DYW title. Krista Holm was runnerup.
Besides Munger and Holm, Madalina Marie High, Charity Dawn Tew, Jeull Snedigar and Jennifer Ashley Mejia were the other competitors.
DYW was formerly known as America’s Junior Miss. The named was changed in June 2010.
Emily Fielding, the 2011 Firth Junior Miss, will be the last young lady in town to carry that title.
In the Self Expression part of the program, each young lady drew a question to answer.
High’s question was, what is the biggest challenge youth face today?
“Facing up to other people’s expectations,” High said. “Be your own individual, not trying to live up to others' expectations.”
Tew handled the question, if you could have dinner with any celebrity, who would that be?
“John Wayne,” Tew said, “because I’ve seen so many of his movies, I feel I know him. He reminds me of my dad.”
What famous person reminds you of you?
“Dolly Parton,” Munger said, “because she is successful, happy and always has a smile.”
What is your definition of success?
“My definition of success is to have a happy, fun-filled life with a career you love,” Snedigar said.
If you could change one characteristic about yourself, what would it be and why?
“I would change my negative attitude toward things and make it positive,” Holm said.
What quality do you like about yourself and why?
Mejia said, “I like my smile because it brightens other peoples' day.”
The young ladies select the recipient of the Spirit of Junior Miss award. Snedigar received it.
Besides the title, Munger won awards in all the other categories--Interview, Talent, Scholastics, Fitness and Self Expression.