New band to debut at hitchin' post

BLACKFOOT—A couple of grave diggers, two tech gurus and a county worker make up the newly formed band "Just South Of Heaven." While the men vary in ages, background and accomplishments, the one thing they agree they have in common, is their love of music and the desire to entertain and serve others with their talents.
The band consists of Blackfoot men Bart Bradford (vocals), Mike Seamons (drummer), Phil Meline (lead guitar), Scott Monroe (base guitar) and Steven Moldenhauer (rythmn guitar).
Bradford, the group's spokesman, said that he and Moldenhauer have entertained as a duo calling themselves "Hambone" the past few years; but that a series of events brought the five men together about a month ago, expanding the band from a 2-piece to a 5-piece group.
Bradford said the name "Just South Of Heaven" was chosen because of their belief that earthly life is a little like "heaven on earth."
"We're just a group of guys who love music and we want to share our talent to make others happy. Life is a test. We want to do what's right and use our group to help others when we can."
One cause that is particularly close to the hearts of all of the band members is helping Blackfoot woman Brady Meline. She is the wife of lead guitar player Phil Meline and the the sister of rhythm guitar player Steven Moldenhauer. Brady, the mother of a four-year-old boy, battles a rare heart condition called microvascular dysfunction and prinzmetal spasms. She was diagnosed with disease in 2010. It currently has no cure.
"We will do what we can as a band to help the Meline family as she fights this disease," Bradford said.
"Just South Of Heaven's" first gig will be at the Hitchin' Post lounge at 326 W. Bridge St. in Blackfoot tonight and Saturday from 9 p.m. to close for the next couple of weeks.
Bradford said the band plays a variety of music including jazz and blues for the Bill Withers fans; classic country/rock songs by Johnny Cash and Lynyrd Skynyrd and more recent country songs by stars like Toby Keith.
"Come and see us. The band is coming together and we're sounding good," Bradford added.
For more information and band updates find "Just South Of Heaven" on Facebook.