New mayor hits ground running

Photo by Greg Eichelberger
Greg Eichelberger
Staff Writer

BLACKFOOT โ€” Fulfilling a promise made during two election campaigns, Mayor-elect Marc Carroll hit the ground running in his new position, not on his swearing-in day of Jan. 2, 2018, but the day after his stunning run-off election victory over incumbent Paul Loomis, a man he admitted he voted for โ€” twice โ€” in the last mayoral election.
"I just finished the first of a series of meetings with the Mayor," said Carroll a longtime manager at the Idaho National Laboratory, as well as the director of the Blackfoot Transportation Department. "I want to utilize his expertise and reach out to others who can help make this transition as smooth as possible."
He also maintained that while not always the smartest person in the room, he can certainly find that person and adds that this talent has led him to a successful 30-plus year management career and will be as important as the new chief executive of Blackfoot.
"After the transition, on Jan. 3, I plan to sit down with the city treasurer and discuss the implementation of the zero-based budgeting," Carroll said. "Then, we will get the various department heads trained before we need to present the budget in February."
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