New Scouts learn first aid

RIVERSIDE – New Scouts participated in extended first aid instruction Saturday. The 11-year old Boy Scouts worked on their First Aid Merit Badge and First Aid requirements for rank advancements.
Kevin Heiner, district leader over New Scouts, says he has worked nearly every day for the past several months organizing the event. He had expert instruction available for the boys including doctors, EMT’s, firefighters, educators and “Scouters.”
“This is a great time,” said Heiner. “New Scouts is where you make it or break it in Scouting. It’s important to make sure the boys have a great time, but that they learn the material.”
There were 51 New Scouts in attendance and six Eagle Scouts lending hands-on help acting as guides. Heiner said each of the six Eagle Scouts have logged between 100-200 hours on their projects.
“We could not have done this without considerable help from the community,” said Heiner. “We really appreciate them volunteering their time to help these boys.”
Some of the volunteers included Dr. Gary Soucie, Dr. Jaren Blake, Rick Tew, Glenn Wright, Bruce Lloyd, Ty Tanner, Nick Hirschi, Wayne Thomson, Sue Pendlebury, David Wright, David Tanner, Justine Jenkins, Sheryl Thomson and Charles Holm.