New skatepark being built at Fort Hall

Fort Hall skateboard Talon Teton and his friends will soon have a skate park to call their own.
Teton participated in the groundbreaking for the Shoshone-Bannock Skate Park on Friday.
"Right now I'm at Jensen Grove in Blackfoot skating every day," Teton said. "I've been skating six years. It's a good way to stay in shape."
The Snake River High School senior and his friends will have another venue by August.
That's when the 4,800-square foot in-ground facility will open. It's also when a Grand Slam Skate Jam is scheduled as part of the Annual Shoshone-Bannock Festival.
Teton and Brad Beech of Pocatello joined several other people in speaking about the project.
"I'm really excited," Beech said. "It will be a good opportunity for all the kids. It will be a nice smooth concrete park. I would like to see the community get together and support this skate park."
Alonzo Coby, the project manager, said the park has been in the works a lot of years. He noted it will be the first phase of a sports and wellness complex.
"This is a park that's going to get used to the fullest, probably for years," said Rebecca Washakie.
Emma George added, "I'm really excited for our youth. We need more activities for our youth. This is for our future generations."
Seekie Dixey said, "I'm glad to have this skatepark being built to keep me out of trouble."
The skaters all recalled being chased away from the clinic and the gym as they enjoyed their sport.
Mike Sakelaris said, "it's about time the adults take charge and do something for our youth."
He added that the youth people need to take responsibility for keeping the facility clean and free of grafitti.