New Snake River leader seeks to maintain district's winning ways

Snake River Superintendent Mark Gabrylczyk wants to continue the winning ways of the Snake River School District in all aspects of school life—academic, athletic, fine arts and agricultural programs.
"This school is important to the community," Gabrylczyk said. "People work hard to facilitate a variety of programs.
"People care about kids," the superintendent said. "It's exciting to be part of it."
Among the changes he is proposing is a strategic plan in the district.
"The last strategic plan for the school district was made in 2004," the superintendent said. "It is critical to get input from all the stakeholders—board members, staff, community members and students.
"With the changes the state has made, we must have a conversation about how we are going to work as a school district.
"By using one-time money [for this upcoming school year], former superintendent Russell Hammond and Business Manager Chris Nelson have kept the district afloat financially," Gabrylczyk said. "It will be hard to plan and move forward.
"The focus is on the students, giving them opportunities they deserve," he said. "They need to experience what they need, to experience the big, wide world out there."
"A lot of good things are happening here," said Gabrylczyk. "It's exciting to see and be part of what's going on in the school district."
Gabrylczyk graduated from Blackfoot High School. He received his B.S. in special education and physical education from Idaho State University (ISU). His masters is in education administration from ISU and he received an Education Specialist degree from the University of Idaho.
He was principal of the Snake River Junior High School for two years and then principal of Ridge Crest Elementary Elementary before working at NonPareil for four years. He worked in Food Service—Frozen Potato Division.
Gabrylczyk and his wife, Laura have four boys—Collin, Cameron, Christopher and Cy—ages 12 to 3. Laura works as a school counselor in the Blackfoot School District.