NFL player visits Stalker

BLACKFOOT — Students at Stalker Elementary and the Blackfoot Sixth Grade Center welcomed "an extra-special guest" to an assembly on Monday.
New Orleans Saints tight end Josh Hill spoke on the importance of reading and education.
"I want to make sure you guys realize the importance of school," Hill told the students. "Reading will take you a long ways."
Hill noted that reading plays an important role in football. He explained that while play calls are short in the huddle, explanations of what each player's responsibilities are involved written descriptions which must be read and understood.
Hill attended Stoddard Elementary, the sixth grade center, Mountain View Middle School and Blackfoot High School. He started his collegiate career at Boise State, but spent his final three years at Idaho State. He earned a bachelor's degree in sports management.
"I always had big dreams when I was young," he said. "I wanted to be Brett Favre (the former Green Bay Packers quarterback)."
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