Nine Cougar grapplers headed to state

FIRTH — When Firth junior Jackson Thompson won his opening match of the 2A District Six wrestling tournament Wednesday afternoon he had no idea how long his day would end up being.
A two-point takedown with five seconds left in the third period sent the match into overtime. A reversal in the overtime gave Thompson the win over West Jefferson's Blade Albertson.
But the fatigue and stalling to catch his breath Thompson felt in the opening match would get even more intense in his second match as a berth in the 170 pound championship match hung in the balance.
After jumping out to an early lead against Salmon's Garrett Jarnigan, Thompson went in for a takedown in the final seconds of the match to steal the win, instead Jarnigan reversed Thompson and earned a tough 6-4 win.
Undeterred, Thompson wrestled his way all the way through the consolation bracket to earn a third place finish and a berth in next week's state wrestling tournament.
Thompson was the first of nine Cougars who punchers their tickets to the state tournament.

Entering Wednesday Firth senior Layton Wasia had managed to keep his record perfect throughout the season.
The 145 pound wrestler entered the tournament with a 39-0 record. When the day ended his record would remain perfect and end with a district title.
Wasia defeated North Fremont's Carlos Romero 11-1 to win the 145 pound title in a match where he appeared to not even break much of a sweat.
Wasia was the first of five Cougars to take home district championships on what proved to be a long day for wrestlers and fans.
Joining Wasia as champs were Connor Montgomery at 160 pounds, Luke Madsen a t 182 pounds, Cody Burch at 220 pounds and Coltyr Brewington at 285 pounds.
Nick Anderson, Clay Elkington and freshman Audric Reid each earned a place at state with second place finishes.
Montgomery earned a 14-3 victory over Jacob Cutler of Challis to win his championship. Madsen capped his day with a 7-2 win over Zane Corrigan of Challis. Burch defeated West Jefferson's Kolby Amy by pinball in the second period. And Brewington defeated teammate Reid by pinfall in the first period.
The success in those later weights allowed the Cougars to close the gap on Challis who led in the team scored the entire day.
But the Cougars fell 1.5 points short of overtaking the Vikings.
Challis won the team title with 160.5 points, Firth was second with 159 and West Jefferson came in third with 134 points.
The state wrestling tournament begins Friday, Feb. 28 at the Idaho Center in Nampa.

Team Scores
West Jefferson 
North Fremont 

  Placement Matches (8 Man)
    1st Place Match - Radney Smith (Ririe) 37-5 won by fall over Joshua D`Orazio (Challis) 35-14 (Fall 3:29)
    3rd Place Match - Brian Anderson (Ririe JV) 11-12 won by major decision over Jayden Olson (Challis JV) 2-14 (MD 8-0)
    5th Place Match - Logan Ricks (West Jefferson) 12-25 received a bye () (Bye)

  Placement Matches (8 Man)
    1st Place Match - Dakota Murdock (Ririe) 9-5 won by tech fall over Dakota Peterson (Challis) 21-17 (TF-1.5 0:00 (17-2))
    3rd Place Match - Joel Zettel (Challis JV) 2-10 received a bye () (Bye)
    5th Place Match - () received a bye () (Bye)

  Placement Matches (8 Man)
    1st Place Match - Billy Godfrey (Salmon) 38-13 won in overtime over Kevin Mora (Challis) 40-3 (OT 4-2)
    3rd Place Match - Cory Anderson (Ririe) 22-21 won by decision over Ty Eliason (West Jefferson) 30-17 (Dec 9-5)
    5th Place Match - Eric Peterson (Ririe JV) 15-11 won by fall over Ruger Peterson (West Jefferson JV) 11-22 (Fall 1:33)

  Placement Matches (8 Man)
    1st Place Match - Conner Burley (Salmon) 38-9 won by major decision over Noah Brown (Salmon JV) 31-14 (MD 14-1)
    3rd Place Match - Sebastian Salazar (Challis) 23-11 won by decision over Jace Wilding (Firth) 23-19 (Dec 9-2)
    5th Place Match - Samuel Belnap (West Jefferson) 31-14 won by fall over Reagan Thacker (Ririe) 31-20 (Fall 2:45)

  Placement Matches (8 Man)
    1st Place Match - Haiden Martindale (North Fremont) 42-6 won by fall over Patrick Anderson (Ririe) 31-14 (Fall 1:08)
    3rd Place Match - Phillip Lundholm (West Jefferson) 24-20 won by fall over Toni Lazano (North Fremont JV) 2-2 (Fall 3:19)
    5th Place Match - Tyler Ker (Ririe JV) 19-15 won by fall over Luis Vasquez (Challis) 12-27 (Fall 1:08)

  Placement Matches (8 Man)
    1st Place Match - Ruger Jarvis-Piva (Challis) 46-0 won by fall over Zach Anderson (Ririe) 34-13 (Fall 5:23)
    3rd Place Match - Jordan Sharp (North Fremont) 16-14 won by decision over Caleb Ball (West Jefferson) 26-11 (Dec 7-6)
    5th Place Match - Shea Schuldt (Salmon) 15-27 won by fall over Ben Rankin (North Fremont JV) 0-3 (Fall 2:23)

  Placement Matches (8 Man)
    1st Place Match - Connor Montgomery (Firth) 22-1 won by major decision over Jacob Cutler (Challis) 37-13 (MD 14-3)
    3rd Place Match - Riley Mecham (West Jefferson) 23-13 won by fall over Kyle Boese (Salmon) 9-26 (Fall 2:37)
    5th Place Match - Bryhton Harris (Ririe) 4-21 received a bye () (Bye)

  Placement Matches (8 Man)
    1st Place Match - Trager Abatti (Challis) 39-5 won by tech fall over Garrett Jarnigan (Salmon) 33-19 (TF-1.5 0:00 (18-0))
    3rd Place Match - Jackson Thompson (Firth) 8-4 won by fall over Keith Shackelford (West Jefferson) 33-16 (Fall 5:14)
    5th Place Match - Kolton Brown (Ririe) 19-19 won by decision over Blade Albertson (West Jefferson JV) 19-15 (Dec 7-1)

  Placement Matches (8 Man)
    1st Place Match - Luke Madsen (Firth) 32-7 won by decision over Zane Corrigan (Challis) 15-11 (Dec 7-2)
    3rd Place Match - Austin Barzee (West Jefferson) 34-12 won by fall over Conner Morris (North Fremont) 23-22 (Fall 3:02)
    5th Place Match - Dylan Madsen (Firth JV) 7-13 won by decision over Dustin Green (Challis JV) 1-8 (Dec 18-12)

  Placement Matches (8 Man)
    1st Place Match - Zak Clark (North Fremont) 41-4 won by fall over Nick Andersen (Firth) 15-3 (Fall 1:45)
    3rd Place Match - Wes Kirkpatrick (West Jefferson) 28-10 won by fall over Tristan Maydole (Challis) 14-30 (Fall 0:44)
    5th Place Match - Trevor Killpack (Firth JV) 1-7 received a bye () (Bye)

  Placement Matches (8 Man)
    1st Place Match - Cody Burch (Firth) 23-16 won by fall over Kolby Amy (West Jefferson) 12-9 (Fall 3:10)
    3rd Place Match - Drake Cain (Challis) 23-18 won by decision over Tyllarre Ashcraft (West Jefferson JV) 25-14 (Dec 10-6)
    5th Place Match - Trinity Duncan (Firth JV) 1-8 received a bye () (Bye)

  Placement Matches (8 Man)
    1st Place Match - Coltyr Brewington (Firth) 26-2 won by fall over Audrec Reid (Firth JV) 2-5 (Fall 0:24)
    3rd Place Match - Tristin Wright (West Jefferson) 9-10 won by fall over Kade Summers (West Jefferson JV) 4-8 (Fall 0:43)
    5th Place Match - Chauncey Beare (Challis) 8-25 received a bye () (Bye)