Ogden running for county commissioner

Kirk Ogden has worked for Bingham County in the Road and Bridge Department for the past 22 years. He is currently a supervisor for the crusher crew.
"I'm the little guy," Ogden said of his decision to run for Bingham County Commission Seat 3. A. Ladd Carter currently holds that post. "I'm just the normal everyday guy who gets a paycheck. I want to represent everyone."
Ogden is a native of Bingham County and a graduate of Blackfoot High School. He, like his opponent, is running as a Republican. The primary election is May 15.
He and his wife Anita have three children and three grandchildren.
"I think we should treat everyone with respect, regardless of who they are or what they do for a living," Ogden said.
Ogden said he believes he can improve several areas over which the county commissioners are responsible. These include planning and zoning, the allocation of taxes, spending and budget concerns, communication in all county departments and road and bridge concerns.
"I've seen so much in 22 years with the county that I believe there has to be a better way," he said of the inner workings of the various departments.
He said he's working to become educated on the aspects of taxation and how the county spends its money.
"One of my biggest issues is the lack of communication within all departments in the county," he said.
"There's just some tweaking we need to do in there," he said. "We need to do things better and more efficiently."
Ogden said he is particular how he does things. He said he respects the people with whom he works and embraces their knowledge. He said he has the interest and desire to use the information he receives from his resources and implement their ideas.
"When you come into office, you should listen to all those who have experience in the various aspects of the county's business," he said.