Ordinance refined; Commissioners discuss dwellings, towers

BLACKFOOT — Required space for multi-family dwellings and the fall height of cell towers were the topics of discussion for the first couple hours of the Planning and Zoning (P&Z) work meeting on Draft 14.
P&Z commissioners Ann Christensen, Gay Sorensen, Larry Kohler and Randy Turpin participated in this work session Wednesday.
Kohler disagreed with enforcement of single wide homes under Manufactured Homes, Article 5.2.26(4)(a).
After discussion that ranged from fire safety to roof structure, the four commissioners agreed to add to the ordinance. Under enforcement, the draft will now read, “Single Wide Homes shall not in any way be joined or merged to create one larger unit, unless applicable codes are met and structural engineering provided.”
P&Z commissioners left alone the parking requirement of 10 feet by 20 feet for a minimum or two vehicle parking spaces for each residential space under Article 5.2.27, Mobile Home, Recreational Vehicle, and Travel Trailer Parks.
In the Multi-Family Development, Article 5.2.28(C), commissioners discussed the amount of open space required for these developments.
Sorensen maintained a minimum area of outdoor common open space of 150 square feet for each unit was not enough space.
“Open space is used by the builder as an incentive and the investor as an enticement,” Kohler said.
Turpin said, “Some [builders] will go above the minimums. Builders must live with it; people live in it.”
“Some will do the absolute minimum,” Sorensen said.
The minimum open space required for multi-family developments will be 200 square feet for each unit. A multi-family unit is defined as three or more units.
Commissioners discussed the fall height required for cell towers.
Kohler said “If we don’t have any history of any of [the cell towers] coming down, we can over-regulate. We should not increase regulation.”
Commissioners changed setback standards for cell towers to one fall height, plus 30 feet from the adjoining property line. This is found in Article 5.2.41(C)(1) Tower; Broadcast, Cell, Telecommunication).
Several more articles are left to discuss. There are 14 articles in Draft 14.

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