Panthers claim third place in OT

Staff Writer

CALDWELL - The Snake River Panthers knew they were up against it when they earned their spot at the 3A State Soccer Tournament. They were the champions of District 5 by virtue of their wins over Marsh Valley and American Falls in the district tournament, but the team had struggled to put together an 8-8-1 record during the season and they were facing a host of teams that had much glossier resumes than what they had accomplished.
What nobody outside of the Snake River area knew was all that the team had gone through to mold a team and fit parts into the game plan that allowed them to play solid soccer in the final few weeks of the regular season.
What that allowed the team to do was to win a first round match at state, and despite a second round loss, find themselves in the game to determine the third place finisher.
At the end of regulation and the two ten minute overtimes, the score was still 0-0 and the contest went to penalty kicks. The Panthers Airam Deloera stood tall in goal, stopping four shots in a row, allowing the Panthers to claim the third place trophy and the individual medals that go with it.
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