Panthers take Mesa College Tournament title

Snake River Lady Panthers
Jason Enes
Sports Editor

The Snake River girls basketball team traveled to Mesa College in Grand Junction, Colorado for a four day, ten game tournament against teams from Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. 
The varsity team won the championship of their division by beating the Grand Junction Tigers and Central High School Warriors on Thursday morning.   Players on the varsity team from the left were Josey Steadman, Sari Steadman, Maysa Gilbert, Brielle Williams, Lindsey Higginson, Coach Rich Dunn, Jetta Goff, Carley Rowe, Kelsey Higginson, Ashtyn Martin, Jessie Adams, Abby Morgan.
“There is no question that this team is further ahead at this point of the year than we have ever been, and that is a great feeling.  These kids really enjoy each other on and off the court and that says a lot about the kind of people they are.  It’s fun coaching these players,“ said Dunn.