Parkway Surgery Center staff touts quality equipment

BLACKFOOT — The doctors and other medical personnel at Parkway Surgery Center are proud of their state-of-the-art equipment.
Included among the items intended to provide the best medical care are a new carpal tunnel device, a new high definition colonoscopy machine and two new anesthesia machines.
"The goal of this new equipment is to have the best care we can for our patients," said Wendy Nugent, the clinical administrator at the facility.
Parkway Surgery Center, 1485 Parkway Drive (near Ridley's, McDonald's and Taco Bell), has been in business since 2003. Its providers include two general surgeons; three ear, nose and throat surgeons; three orthopedic surgeons; three podiatrists and four pediatric dentists.
Dr. Robert Lee, one of the partners in the facility, displayed the carpal tunnel device and explained that Dr.s Jeffrey Stucki and Vermon Esplin are currently certified to perform surgery with it.
"The advantage of this device is the that incision for the surgery is made in a different location than that of the standard carpal tunnel release," Dr. Lee said. He noted that carpal tunnel surgery typically involves an incision in the palm of the hand. With the new device, the incision is made in the wrist area away from the palm.
"Therefore there's usually much less post-operative pain and the patients can go back to their normal activities more rapidly," Dr. Lee said.
"The device uses a fiber optic camera which allows the surgeon to safely perform the procedure through a much smaller and less painful incision," Dr. Lee explained.
The colonoscopy machine, Nugent said, features a high definition image of the colon and upper gastro-intestinal tract and allows the surgeon to visualize the area more clearly.
"That allows the surgeon to diagnose more precisely and then intervene more effectively," Nugent said.
Mike Adams and Blake Powell, partners in Grove City Anesthesia, operate the new anesthesia equipment. Together the two men have 42 years of experience in their field. "They are experts at safely administering anesthesia in an outpatient setting" according to Dr. Lee.
Parkway Surgery Center, which is owned locally and is not associated with any of the hospitals in the area, offers patients another option for their elective surgeries, Dr. Lee said.
"With our chaotic lifestyles, everybody wants to get in, get out and get on with their lives," Adams said.
"We welcome people to price-shop," said Adams. "We're glad to give them cost estimates."
For information on the surgery center and its associates, call 785-5100.