Parmenter wins American Legion oratory contest

BLACKFOOT — Blackfoot High School senior Lacie Parmenter won the Blackfoot area American Legion Oratory Contest Monday evening.
In this contest, Parmenter presented a prepared speech on the U.S. Constitution. She needed to speak from eight to 10 minutes. She spoke 8.6 minutes on voting rights and civic participation.
"I went into the history of voting and its importance in America," Parmenter said. "I touched on discrimination in voting and the soldiers who have fought to preserve our right to vote.
"My generation is looked down upon," Parmenter said, "so I kind of defended us."
"My generation volunteerw the most," she said. "We go about our political participation in a different way."
Parmenter had 10 minutes to prepare a three-to-five minute speech on the 27th amendment. The 27th amendment is unique since it was on the original Bill of Rights in 1791. It became the 27th amendment in 1992, 201 years after its introduction.
The amendment allows U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives to vote on their pay but the representatives cannot receive the increase or decrease until the next Congress.
Parmenter participates in "We the People" at BHS.
The class has been studying the Constitution, Parmenter said. She enjoys learning about the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights and our freedoms.
Parmenter will participate in the American Legion's district competition next Tuesday in Pocatello.