Phelps is the new chiropractor in town

Dr. Leland Phelps stands by one of the laser machines he has in his office. He opened a chiropractic practice at 247 KBLI Road in Blackfoot. He does traditional chiropractic and also works a lot with lasers to help people.
Staff Writer

Dr. Leland Phelps has opened a new chiropractic practice in Blackfoot. He has practiced chiropractic medicine for the past four years in Tremonton, Utah.
The Blackfoot Health & Wellness Center, for mind, body and spirit, is located at 247 KBLI Road in Blackfoot. It was formerly the old Riverbend Communications—Radio Station Building on U.S. Hwy 91, one mile south of Blackfoot.
Asked why he moved his practice to Blackfoot, Phelps said, "I have patients who live past Rigby. This was an opportunity to locate the practice midway between Tremonton and Rigby."
Not only does he do traditional chiropractics; he also uses lasers to a variety of purposes. He estimates he has over $150,000 of lasers alone.
"We've helped a lot of people," he said. "i like to see people get well."
To read the complete story, see it in the Tuesday, June 5, edition of the Morning News.