Pingree man sentenced to prison

Jerad Rene Contreras, who was arrested on a parole violation, has been sentenced to complete his sentences on two previous felonies. Seventh District Judge Darren Simpson imposed the sentence Monday afternoon.
In 2007, Contreras was sentenced to two years fixed and three years indeterminate for burglary. In 2009, he was sentenced to two years fixed with three years indeterminate for aggravated assault. The sentences were to run concurrently.
He received credit for 633 days served in jail for his 2007 offense and 585 days on his 2009 offense.
"Once you are in prison, I advise you to apply for the therapeutic community as soon as possible," the judge said.
Before sentencing, Contreras had applied to specialty courts but was not accepted into any of them.
"He does not have a very good past," said Bingham County deputy prosecuting attorney Jared Ricks. "When he was arrested in February 2012, it was his third probation violation. He has problems with substances, chiefly alcohol or marijuana, and he has some criminal thinking."
The state recommended that Contreras' probation be revoked.
Contreras, age 23, is from Pingree. He was first arrested in 2003 as a runaway and has had 20 charges against him since that time.
Speaking to Judge Simpson, Contreras said. "I'm a better candidate [for probation] now. I don't have the urge to go out.
"I have four kids and I have to take care of them," he said. "Their mother is struggling, trying to take care of them. I know I could help.
"I'm asking you not to give up on me," Contreras told Judge Simpson. "I have a good heart.
"I can only make changes from here on out," he said. "I'm sick of coming in front of you. I'm sorry for wasting you guys' time."
Simpson reviewed Contreras' crime history with him.
"What you've done has limited my choices for what I have to do," he said. "You need to get help to be rehabilitated and become productive.
"Part of it is addiction, part criminal thinking," Simpson said. "You have had three chances at probation and two retained jurisdictions."
Simpson then imposed Contreras' original sentences.
Contreras is presently in the Bingham County Jail awaiting transport to the Idaho State Prison.