Plane crashes near Rockford Airport

A plane belonging to AvCenter of Pocatello crashed in a grain field near the Rockford Airport at 9:50 a.m. Monday, said Bingham County Sheriff Dave Johnson.
The single engine, two-passenger plane was on a cross country flight when the engine lost power, Johnson said. Bobby Picker, 63, of Idaho Falls was piloting the plane and had one passenger, Craig Hansen, 30, also of Idaho Falls.
Picker tried to glide the plane into the Rockford Airport but was short of the airport and landed in the field. The plane flipped upside down because of the muddy, uneven ground.
There were no injuries, just bruises, Sheriff Johnson said.
The grain field is owned by Kim Shawver of 1150 W. 150 S., Rockford.
The plane is still in the field, the sheriff said.
The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) will conduct an investigation, said Johnson. It should take a couple days for the FAA to get here because of their heavy workload.