Planning commissioners approve four requests

Planning and Zoning commissioners approved all requests submitted to tthem on Wednesday evening.
° The commissioners approved a 32-foot variance for a setback requirement of 100 feet for a potato cellar at Tam Farms, 246 E. River Road, Blackfoot. A wood structure will be torn down. It will be replaced by an all concrete and steel structure.
Kevin Caldwell is the contractor.
"This has got to be a lot better than it was before," said Commissioner Steve Cederberg. "It's a lot better access. I think it's a good idea."
It passed unanimously, 5-0.
° The commissioners approved a special use permit (SUP) for a potato cellar on the Behrend Farms/BB&K Farms in a residential agriculture zone approximately 1749 S. 2900 W. that is one mile west of the Aberdeen town site.
"We will build a new cellar to replace a worn out one," said applicant Nick Behrend. "It is near the central part of the farm and fits into the general use of the area.
"Noise will not be an issue because it will be a new structure with updated technology," said Behrend.
"What's really good about this SUP is that farmers are beginning to build on, add things to their farms," said Cederberg. "This ought to be approved."
Commissioners voted 5-0 to approve this SUP.
° Roy Breshears requested a nine-foot variance to a 30-foot right of way setback requirement in a residential zone at 398 W. 145 N., Groveland. Breshears would like to build a 15 foot by 26 foot shop on the east side of his property.
"I'm for it," said Commissioner Gay Sorensen.
Commissioners approved this variance unanimously.
° Mike and Tamyra Garza requested a SUP for a dog kennel in a residential/agriculture zone at 1005 W. Hwy. 26, Blackfoot. The parcel measures 1.59 acres.
The Garzas requested the SUP to allow them to train hunting dogs and board dogs for training. The breeds of the dogs are labrador, German short hair pointers and English pointers.
The dogs are housed in individual kennels that are inside during the night, said Tamyra Garza. The dogs are on tie-downs during the day.
The commissioners approved this SUP on the condition that a fence be built around the property over which the dogs cannot jump. This is for safety.
"Thirteen property owners were notified and none are here," Commissioner Sorensen noted.
There will be no P&Z meetings in May since no applications have been submitted.