Plenty of poultry on display at Fair

BLACKFOOT — The variety of chickens that were exhibited in the showmanship class at the Eastern Idaho State Fair almost equaled the number of participants.
Chickens that were shown included two Rhode Island Reds, an Americana, an Easter Egger, Black Polish and Creole Old English.
The breeds of chickens were developed in different regions of the country, Judge Jim Adkins said. Thirteen different breeds have been developed in the U.S.
He then asked the two showing Rhode Island Reds for a little history.
"The Rhode Island Red was developed in New England to be an egg layer and meat chicken," said Pauline.
"It is the oldest breed in America, developed in the late 1840s," said Sarah.
Another chicken breed, the Easter Egger, "was developed in Chile in the 1900s to produce different-colored eggs," said Harmony Jenkins.
Harmony was named the Grand Champion of the intermediate showman class. She is from Rexburg.
"The Bible for all types of poultry is the 'American Standard of Perfection 2010' published by the American Poultry Association," Adkins said.
The book has pictures along with descriptions of what is judged best in the poultry industry, he said.
In this contest, the participants are asked questions about their poultry.
"How long does it take a chicken egg to hatch?" 21 days.
"How long does it take a turkey egg to hatch?" 28 days.
Just for the record, the normal body temperature for a hen is from 100 degrees to
103 degrees, maybe 104 degrees. The normal body temperature for a chick is 106.7 degrees.