Police Log

Items of note from May 8-11.

CAT TROUBLE: May 8, 11:57 p.m.: A caller said they are having problems with the cats from a neighbor. They said the neighbor has more than 20 cats.

DOOR-TO-DOOR: May 8, 8:43 p.m.: A caller said a group of people are selling items door-to-door and they are concerned because it is getting late in the evening.

BIKE THEFT: May 8, 11:29 p.m.: A caller said someone has stolen his bike.

KIDS PLAYING: May 9, 4:05 p.m.: A caller said some eight or nine year-old kids are playing mailboxes. They said the kids have been told to stop but refuse to.

NO SALE: May 9, 7:21 p.m.: A caller said there are some juvenile males that came to his door selling vacuums. He said they showed him a liscense but he believes they are too young and they were asking odd questions.

DAMAGED CAMERAS: May 10, 12:19 a.m.: A man said someone has broken into his residence and damaged his cameras. He said he thinks he knows who it was.

WHO'S BLOOD IS THIS?: May 10, 6:18 a.m.: A woman said she has been up all night cleaning and now there is blood on the counter that appears to be old blood.

SHOPLIFTING: May 10, 8:23 a.m.: A caller at the Short Stop said they have a juvenile detained for shoplifting.

TRESPASSING: May 10, 7:15 p.m.: A man said a salesman is trespassing on his property. He said he has a sign posted. An arrest was made.

PROWLER: May 11, 1:40 a.m.: A caller said there is a prowler trying to get into the house through the window. They said they chased the person but don't know where the prowler is now.

IMPORTANT DOCUMENT: May 11, 12:40 p.m.: A caller requested to have an officer respond to pick up a piece of paper that he has located outside an apartment complex.

TRYING TO CATCH A MOVIE: May 11, 7:08 p.m.: A caller said there is a group of 10-15 juveniles that is disturbing the peace and will not let them into the Plaza Twin Theater.

ALLERGY SEASON: May 11, 9:27 p.m.: A woman said a couple males just stopped by her residence asking her questions about her Kleenex usage.