Police log

Blackfoot Police
Items of note from Dec. 30-Jan. 4
DROWSY DRIVER: Dec. 30, 7:58 p.m.: A caller at Arctic Circle said there is man in the drive through that had slurred speech and fell asleep.
FIGHT: Dec. 31, 1:35 a.m.: A caller said there may be a fight behind the Best Western Inn.
GAS THEFT: Dec. 31, 3:57 p.m.: A caller at Chevron reported a man driving off without paying for $80 in gas.
SATAN: Jan. 1, 11:49 a.m.: A caller requested an officer because a man is disrupting the church and making statements that he is Satan.
BEER THEFT: Jan. 1, 12:01 p.m.: A caller at Maverik reported a person bought one beer but went to the bathroom with two beers.
BURGLARY: Jan. 1, 1:31 p.m.: A woman said her residence was burglarized sometime during the night. She said the door was kicked in.
EGG MCMUFFINED: Jan. 2, 3:31 p.m.: A woman said Egg McMuffins have been thrown on her truck and her house has been egged. She said this is the second time this has happened.
STRANGE MAN: Jan. 3, 6:07 a.m.: A caller said there is a dark van on the street with a man and a computer inside.
MISSING LOTION: Jan. 4, 12:40 p.m.: A caller at Electric Raze Salon reported the theft of two bottles of lotion. They said they have the incident on video.
SHOTS FIRED: Jan. 4, 5:17 p.m.: A caller on Parsons Street reported hearing shots fired.