Police respond to petition to save impounded canines

Photo by Greg Eichelberger
Staff Writer

Dog owner Troy Smith started a petition on Friday, Jan. 12, to save his dogs that were possibly involved in the attack of a Blackfoot woman in September.
"I don't want the city of Blackfoot to put down my dogs," Smith said.
He plans to take the petition with him and present it to a judge when he appears in court later this month. "I don't know what good it will do, but maybe enough people will sign it and they will see there are a number of people who care about them."
He contends that his three dogs are basically gentle, while the victim’s much smaller canine was the aggressor and she was injured trying to break up a dog fight.
“Everyone in my neighborhood loves those dogs,” he said. “Her animal was complained about many times.”
In the petition, Smith wrote: "Tokyo and Nilla B are being held in our local animal shelter because they are being accused of being involved in a dog fight. A woman eventually ended up getting involved in trying to break up the fight, and ended up getting bitten several times, and had to go to the hospital. After the fight was over, the police shot one dog, and Tokyo and Nilla B were running around in the police video, but neither of them had any of the victim's blood on them."
The document continued, "The police have stated that this incident was one of the worst things they have ever seen ... so Tokyo and Nilla B would have had a lot of the victim's blood on them, if they had been involved. This has become more about media attention and the type of dogs Tokyo and Nilla B Are, instead of just trying to find the truth."
Meanwhile, Blackfoot Police Capt. Scott Gay responded by saying, "I understand the dogs are in the animal shelter. The dogs were photographed on the videos (that were taken) when the officers arrived (on the scene). What happens to the dogs will be determined by the judge after Smith's trial is concluded."
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