Preparedness fair held in Shelley

SHELLEY – In case of an emergency, people are advised “be prepared to improvise and use what you have on hand to make it on your own for at least three days, maybe longer.”
Think of your family’s special needs and prepare accordingly.
Classes and vendors were on hand to help people prepare for a variety of emergency situations at the Shelley-Firth Preparedness Fair on Saturday.
Physician Assistant Wade Christensen gave tips about preparing for a medical emergency. This could include taking a trip or hiking into the back country.
“Get a duffle bag and make your own emergency medical kit,” said Christensen. “Make it cheap, practical and versatile so you can be ready for any emergency.”
He advised incorporating infection preventers, bandages and splints, over the counter medications, prescription medications. The “other essential supplies” list included a lighter or matches in a waterproof case, safety pins (variety of sizes), warming blanket, water purifier, stethoscope, thermometer, headlamp and tweezers.
“Carry a bottle of super glue,” he said. “It is good to close small cuts to prevent infection and to seal wounds that do not have a lot of tension (like a cut on the forehead). “Cotton balls soaked in Vaseline can be stored in a plastic bag,” Christensen said. “They are great for making a seal for a dressing and closing a lung puncture wound. They also can be used to start a fire.”
The Shelley Foodbank is challenging the community to become a “healthy family, healthy community.” The healthy living program lasts 12-weeks. A volunteer will be available to help people plan each week’s food menus.
This healthy living program is offered from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., each Tuesday, starting April 2. Contact the Foodbank at 881-5106 to register.
A wide variety of classes were offered, including cooking with wheat, sprouting, garden preparation, gun safety, amateur radio operations, solar energy, family emergency plans and sanitation.
“There was a good crowd at the fair,” said committee member Brian Anderson.