Pumpkin chuckers needed for catapult contest

Richard Johnson understands that all students are not classroom learners.
"Some of us don't function in a classroom," said Johnson, who is conducting the Angry Pumpkin Chuckin' Contest on Oct. 5 and 6.
Registration for the contest, which requires teams of students, members of clubs, etc., to build a catapult to launch a six-pound pumpkin for distance is now open. The cost is $15 for egg launchers, $25 for amateurs and $50 for professionals.
Teams are made up of five members. Egg, amateur and professional launchers must be powered by weights or elastic materials such as bungee cords, springs or rubber bands.
Participants will compete for cash prizes and will be judged for accuracy, distance and speed.
Complete registration information is at www.angrypumpkinchuckin.com.
"Part of this is hands-on science and math," Johnson said. "And it's something (students) can participate in with family and friends."
While Grove City Gardens is conducting the contest, Johnson said there are sponsorship opportunities for other businesses. He suggested groups of employees could challenge one another or could sponsor teams from various schools in the area.