P&Z commissioners reject further division of subdivision

BLACKFOOT — Last Wednesday, Planning and Zoning (P&Z) commissioners voted not to recommend approval of the subdivision request made by Ramon Guerra at 35 S. 250 E., Blackfoot. The recommendations of the P&Z commissioners are heard by the Bingham County commissioners.
Guerra had requested a re-plat to Four Seasons Ranch Subdivision on Lots 8 and 9 to create three-lots in a residential/agriculture zone four miles east of Blackfoot.
P&Z commissioners voted not to recommend approval "because the one-acre lot did not fit in with the surrounding lots which are larger," said P&Z commission chairwoman Ann Christensen.
There were also concerns about the water system and if the water system would be able to handle additional septic systems, Christensen said.
A group of owners and residents of lots in the Four Season subdivision presented a petition with 38 signatures on it. Thus group opposed the division of the subdivision.
The petitioners cited four reasons:
° Water Quality. "We already are having trouble with nitrates in the water supply and subdividing will likely require additional septic systems to be installed which will only add to the existing water quality problems."
° Population Density.
° Restrictive Covenants. They stated the subdivision would be a violation of the restrictive covenants as well as Bingham County ordinances.
° Devaluation of Property.
At the same hearing, P&Z commissioners recommended approval of the zone change request by Tad and Diana Stoker at 591 W. 200 S., Blackfoot.
"The piece of land was already contiguous with a residential/agricultural zone," Christensen said.
Tricia Gay expressed opposition to this zone change when she wrote, "This zone change will further the hardships currently facing the family owned farms in the Riverton area."
"It didn't need to be thought of that way," said Christensen. "It is just a little corner; the agriculture land surrounding it is across the road."
P&Z commissioners voted 3-0 to recommend approval of this zone change. P&Z Commissioner Lee Hammett recused himself.