Quality Meats opens in Aberdeen

ABERDEEN – John Campbell has recently opened his own butcher shop, named Quality Meats, in Aberdeen. Campbell is a custom butcher and has worked in the trade for 16 years.
Campbell trained in the same building that he recently purchased. His apprenticeship was under Treasure’s Custom Pack that, in turn, sold to Klempel’s Fancy Kuts.
Three weeks ago, Campbell opened Quality Meats in the same location, having purchased his business from Klempel’s Fancy Kuts.
It is located at 45 N. 3rd E. To find the butcher shop, turn east at Ireland Bank and then turn north at the sign marked Quality Meats. If you are coming from Blackfoot on Hwy. 39, turn left at Ireland Bank.
This is a complete service butcher shop, from kill to cutting and wrapping. Campbell cuts all kinds of meat — beef, pork, sheep and wild game.
He learned his trade by being places. He worked in Blackfoot as a butcher at Albertson’s for seven years. He has also worked in Pocatello and Aberdeen.
Quality Meats is located in a marvelously well-organized building.
Coming into the building, customers are greeted at the meat counter. Should a person take a tour of the building, he/she would walk into a large cooler that is kept at 38 degrees. Here the meat is hung. Each carcass is separated from every other carcass.  
“Animals are separated by time and space,” Campbell explained. “They cannot touch each other.”
Next is the freezer that is kept at minus 15 degrees. Campbell uses a blast freezer to freeze the meat quickly.
The kill room is on one side of the cooler, the cutting room and smokehouse on the other.
Campbell said he normally cuts beef, lamb or pork in the morning and wild game at the end of the day.
“If the customer wants it, I can add beef or pork to wild meat but I cannot add any amount of wild meat to beef,” he said.
After hanging the meat for 10 days, Campbell starts cutting. He can cut two or three animals each day depending on how many interruptions he has.
Steaks, roasts, ground beef, carne asada, chorizo and carne al pastor are for sale from the counter. Sausage, bacon, chicken, cheese and jerky are also for sale.
“I do bundle deals,” he said. “A bundle deal includes 40 pounds of meat -- 10 pounds of ground beef, five pounds of ribeyes, five pounds of pork steak, 10 pounds of hot dogs and 10 pounds of chicken. I call it a barbecue special.”  
The customer can pick and choose what kinds of meat make up the 40 pounds.
The meat in the counter is from the Butcher Block in Pocatello.
Campbell also cuts and prepares custom orders for individuals, be the orders from domestic or wild game.
The customer can either bring in the animal or Campbell can pick it up.
He has two part-time employees — his dad, Bob, who is semi-retired, and Bonnie Serna.
Store hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. each Saturday.
His cell phone number is 240-1234. (The number is not long distance.)
Campbell and his wife, Amanda, have three boys — Rian, age 15, Jacob, 14, and Brighton, 8.


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